Sundial Theatre Company

Find a Partner!


Written by Miriam Battye

Directed by Kelly Domaille



23 April 2022

Further details

  • Space: Main House
  • Duration: Approx. 60 minutes
Important information

Please note that this performance deals with adult themes, contains strong language and scenes and references some audience members may find distressing or upsetting. The performance also contains flashing lights, strobe lighting and haze.

Find a Partner! is about the sometimes catastrophic methods we use to find that elusive thing, love.

Sundial Theatre Company presents Find a Partner! This is ‘Love Island’ scrutinised through a ‘Black Mirror’ style lens as a group of young people compete to publicly couple up and fall in love forever, or die…. quite literally.

Facilitated by a group of ‘influencers’ the group sign up to the ‘game’ while the rest of us watch, enthralled, judging and commenting the whole time, as the play asks the questions, what does it really mean to love someone, does it have to be forever and does it have to be only one person?

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