Bridgend College



Written by Dennis Kelly

Directed by Rachel Morgan-Belle



22 April 2022

Further details

  • Space: Main House
  • Duration: Approx. 60 minutes
Important information

Please note that this performance deals with adult themes, contains strong language and scenes and references some audience members may find distressing or upsetting. The performance also contains flashing lights, strobe lighting and haze.

Dennis Kelly’s twenty-first century play for young people calls society’s response to cruelty, bullying, peer pressure and pack mentality into question. Are these behaviours societal and learned, or are they inherent in us all?

Bridgend College presents DNA. When a group of teenagers’ bullying of another student goes too far, they are left with an unplanned death on their conscience.

The mixed up group panic and decide to cover up their involvement in Adam’s death. However, when they realize their deception has worked and actually brings peace to their confused lives, how do they move forwards? The teenagers split into two camps when they realize that their actions have framed an innocent man for their crime. But is this enough of an incentive to put right their wrong? And what happens when the presumed dead come back to life?

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