Perfect Circle Youth Theatre



Written by Tim Crouch

Directed by Lee Farley



22 April 2022

Further details

  • Space: Main House
  • Duration: Approx. 60 minutes
Important information

Please note that this performance deals with adult themes, contains strong language and scenes and references some audience members may find distressing or upsetting. The performance also contains flashing lights, strobe lighting and haze.

Parallels are drawn between old age and adolescence in a play that gently invites an intergenerational understanding of the future of our planet.

Perfect Circle Youth Theatre presents Superglue, which tells the story of a group of climate activists gathering at a woodland burial ground to say goodbye to a friend who died during a protest.

As they gather, they erect banners and they talk about their pasts and their futures, about peaceful action versus violent action, about how society dismisses them and undervalues their cause. Initially, we believe these activists are the age of the actors playing them. Gradually, we realise that this is the story of an elderly climate action group – elderly characters performed without imitation by young actors.

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