Swan Theatre Young Rep Company



Written by Fionnuala Kennedy

Directed by Owen Harper



22 April 2022

Further details

  • Space: Main House
  • Duration: Approx. 60 minutes
Important information

Please note that this performance deals with adult themes, contains strong language and scenes and references some audience members may find distressing or upsetting, including the use of a prop firearm. The performance also contains flashing lights, strobe lighting and haze.

This is a hunt they will never forget.

Swan Theatre Young Rep Company presents Hunt, where a group of teenagers playing their version of hide and seek…

Their version entails ‘borrowing’ objects from their neighbours’ back gardens, and ‘dumping’ them at the ‘box’ without being caught, by either the official pursuers or the neighbours who’s gardens they are infringing upon – hence the chances of being caught are twofold. And the more outlandish and extraordinary the object and the more difficult to acquire it is, the more kudos you score.

The thing is, nearly all of these teenagers are far too old to play this ‘kids’ game, and it’s February, it’s freezing and there’s a storm coming, but Jo wants to impress James, the boy from her new school, he’s not from round here and she’s not from round there. Their fledgling relationship represents a bridge across a class divide. So begrudgingly the ‘band’ gets back together, for one last game.

However, this could be the worst decision of their tiny lives as little do they know that the rumours about the strange, predatory ‘Man in the Van’ are true and the even stranger, dangerous, the one everyone has been warned to stay away from, ‘Mad’ Danielle is back on the block. This is a hunt they will never forget.

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