Milky Peaks



4 - 7 May 2022

Further details

  • Space: Main House
  • Duration: 2 hours 40 minutes
  • Language: English
Important Information

Milky Peaks contains very strong language and sexual content.

A hilarious new musical

In the bosom of Snowdonia nestles the town of Milky Peaks: charmingly Welsh and gleamingly pebble-dashed. It’s a great place to live. Mostly.

Dewi, the fabulous hotel receptionist, just came out and yearns to be special. The Mother loves Wales and her family, if only they knew she was there. Drag queen Pariah Carey’s drowning her past in absinthe with a swarfega chaser; while Linda runs the Arts Centre with an iron fist, terrified of putting on something weird. And Alun John, rugby club legend and corrupt millionaire landowner? He just wants everyone to be happy.

It’s a normal Welsh town.

But when it’s nominated as “Britain’s Best Town” by a dark, shadowy organisation, everything it stands for risks being lost. Can its soul be saved?

A dazzling new musical written by and starring acclaimed Welsh writer/composer Seiriol Davies, reuniting with the team from How To Win Against History. Expect fast-paced humour, power ballads, sharp choreography and catchy numbers that will stick right in your head.

The perfect night out for the musicals or comedy fan!

Written & Composed: Seiriol Davies
Director: Alex Swift
Devisors: Seiriol Davies, Matthew Blake, Dylan Townley
Designer: Janet Bird
Choreographer: Ewan Jones
Musical Director & Additional Composition: Dylan Townley
Associate Director: Matthew Blake
Sound Design & Music Production: Chris Bartholomew
Lighting Designer: Kevin Treacy
Voice Coach: Nia Lynn

Theatr Clwyd | Áine Flanagan Productions | Seiriol Davies

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