Feel free to talk to one of our Box Office Assistants on 029 2064 6900 about your requirements so that we can help to make your visit more comfortable.

The foyer area has no steps or uneven flooring allowing easy access to:
· Box Office
· Cafe Bar area
· Lifts
· Toilets
Our Box Office and Café Bar have low level counters for easy access with unobstructed space underneath the counter for wheelchair users.

Access to the Main House
Entrance to the Main House is either through Door A or Door B which are located in the foyer on either side of the Café Bar area.
There are a few steps leading to both Door A and Door B. There are stairs once inside Doors A and B
There is a platform-lift to assist in accessing the auditorium via Door A and a passenger lift to assist in accessing the auditorium via Door B.

Feel free to talk through your requirements with one of our Box Office Assistants on 029 2064 6900.
Each row from B to P has two steps, each 7 inches deep.
Wheelchair spaces are:
· B1, B2 (companion seat) accessed via Door A
· B21 (companion seat), B22 – accessed via Door B
We can also provide wheelchair spaces in our Access Gallery which is located at the rear of the auditorium. Access Gallery wheelchair spaces are Q1, Q2 (companion seat), Q3 and Q4 (companion seat)
The Access Gallery is a separate theatre box on level 2 and can be accessed by a lift next to the Box Office. Please note you may share the gallery with another party.

Access to the Studio
The Studio has a level entrance which is located right of the Box Office. Seating is flexible and is determined on a show by show basis. Please talk to one of our Ticketing and Reception Assistants on 029 2064 6900 about your requirements.

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