Sherman Players

The Grand

The Grand is a hotel.

It sits on the edge of a nondescript beach, in a nondescript town. The grand is worn, bleached by the sun, battered by the wind and blasted by the salt spray.

The grand was once, well, GRAND.

But, this was some time ago, before the tourist stopped touring and the visitors stopped visiting.

Now it sits forgotten, covered in bird shit, resting between an abandoned building site that promised a new look waterfront redevelopment (with a wine bar) and an empty council car park.

But, one night, a storm, quite un-forecast, blows in a number of travelers, blown very literally off of a nearby closed motorway and a nearby closed railway line, forced to find refuge in The Grand’s rooms for the night.

These videos were collected from that night.

Created, written, and performed by the Sherman Players, THE GRAND was created online in the Summer of 2021, supported by Georgina Harris and Aled Wyn Williams.

The Grand - Monologue (Barry Tucker) by CALLUM LLOYD, Anastacia voiced by KIRSTY CAMPBELL
The Ultimate Spirit Lifter (Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round the Ole Oak Tree) by CALLUM LLOYD
The Steak That Wasn't Cooked by CALLUM LLOYD

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