Fairy Tales

The activities in this pack were influenced by our Christmas shows from the past three years; The Magic Porridge Pot, Little Red Riding Hood and The Ugly Duckling. We often create our own characters based on these stories so why not try to spot what changes we have made! Although you do not need to be overly familiar with these stories to enjoy the activities coming up, we would suggest that you see this as an opportunity to encourage you to read these stories with your children.

In whatever environment you are working with your children we hope that you will find this resource pack can be implemented in any order and adapted to suit your needs. We suggest that you see this pack as a guide rather than an answer book; provoking lively and engaging activities for you and your children to participate in that makes connections between theatrical experiences and the world around them. Within this resource we offer you a series of different activities that work within the framework of the national curriculum and cover a variety of subject areas. We hope that this pack’s contents will provide an opportunity to support a wide range of beneficial outcomes regardless of where the learning is taking place.

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