Sherman Youth Theatre

Our weekly flagship youth theatre programme for ages 8 – 18.


Passionate about performing?

Sherman Youth Theatre is about young people. It’s a place where they can belong, but most importantly it’s a place where they can be themselves and explore what makes them tick.

Every week our young people build their confidence by learning new skills, having fun and making new friends. Our dedicated team lead sessions that are not just about acting and theatre. We also know that social skills, problem solving and teamwork are just as important to our young people.

There is a session every week, but there is no pressure to attend every one. Below you will find a list of session times and a guide to what ages we feel are suitable for each group.

Sherman Youth Theatre is open to everyone. We aware that every child develops at their own rate and ability is not always linked to age. If you feel for whatever reason your young person may be better suited to another group, please contact us. We aim to find the best fit for everyone, so our young people can make the most of their experiences.

To find out more about joining Sherman Youth Theatre, and to be added to the waiting list, please email Ffion in the Creative Engagement team: or contact our Box Office on 02920 646900.

Summer 2024
Summer Sessions are as follows:

• Sherman Youth Theatre Group 1 – Years 4, 5 & 6 (ages 8–11) Wed, 6.00–7.30pm (From 17 April)
• Sherman Youth Theatre Group 2 – Years 7 & 8 (ages 11–13) Thu, 6.00–7.30pm (From 18 April)
• Sherman Youth Theatre Group 3 & 4 – Years 9, 10 & 11+ (ages 13–18) Tue, 6.00–7.30pm (From 16 April)


“As the dad of a Sherman Youth Theatre member I must say that seeing my child blossom into a more confident, assured and fulfilled young adult has been a joy. Throughout work with the directing and production staff at Sherman Youth, my child has grown in ways we could not foresee. They have found their ‘why’ and are now set on pursuing drama at GCSE, A-Level, college and beyond as an occupation. As a family we are grateful to Sherman and delighted for our child who is on an exciting path to the future.” Youth Theatre Parent.

“The youth theatre has boosted my confidence to amounts I had never considered possible (for me personally).” Youth Theatre Participant

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