Send Us Your Script

Take advantage of our unsolicited script windows to share your play and receive feedback on your script.

Have you written a play that you would like to have feedback on?

Over the next year there will be two submission windows during which we will accept unsolicited scripts. All of the plays we receive will be read by our Literary team who will give feedback and offer advice. This is an opportunity for us to get to know you as a writer and not to consider specific plays for production.

The two windows during which we will accept unsolicited scripts are:
11 – 18 October 2021
14 – 21 March 2022

Please note:

  • We accept scripts from Welsh and Wales based writers only.
  • We appreciate that there are many languages spoken across Wales, therefore we accept scripts written in any language, as long as the submission contains a Welsh or English translation.
  • We are interested in original stories.
  • We do not accept multiple submissions.
  • We do not accept adaptations.
  • We only accept stage plays – no screenplays or TV scripts please.

Please email your script to with a brief synopsis of the play and a covering letter introducing yourself. If there is an alternative way that you would like to send your script please get in touch via

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