Send Us Your Script

Unsolicited Scripts are a chance for the Sherman to discover brilliant writers with exciting stories to tell, and a great opportunity for you to have your work read.

If you would like to submit an unsolicited script, please send it to:

We welcome submissions from Welsh and Wales-based writers aged 18+ and accept scripts all year round.

What we’re looking for:

  • Plays from Welsh and Wales-based artists.
  • Plays written in English, Welsh or bilingually.
  • Plays written for the stage.
  • We’re only able to accept full length plays. This would usually be at least 60 minutes of dialogue, or 45 minutes for a monologue.
  • We’re unable to accept more than one submission from a writer at any one time.
  • We cannot consider resubmissions or new drafts of plays we have read and responded to, unless we have specifically requested a new draft.

Please submit your script as a PDF or Word document.

When you submit your script, you will receive an automatic acknowledgement. We then aim to respond to all scripts with a specific outcome within four months.

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