Gain technical skills in specific elements of playwriting with EXPAND

EXPAND applications are currently closed. We hope to run the program in future, check back here, and keep an eye on our social media, for more information.

This free series of short, modular trainings will give you further skills to develop your playwriting technique. These deep dives into specific areas of the writer’s craft will support you to bridge the gap between your vision and its execution.

There will be four programmes of five weekly sessions on a range of subjects, led by established specialists in each field.

Sessions wll run from 6pm – 8pm.

Who is EXPAND for?
We anticipate that most participants will have written at least one full-length play and be looking to deepen their understanding of specific playwriting techniques.

What courses will you be offering?

Following consultation with the writing community, we’ve developed a programme of four five-week courses. You can apply to join as many or as few as you’d like.

EXPAND 1: All Writing is Rewriting (4 April – 4 May)
EXPAND 2: Considering Genre (23 May – 19 June)
EXPAND 3: Theatricality (27 June – 25 July)
EXPAND 4: Form and Structure (1 – 29 August)

EXPAND 1: All Writing is Rewriting

A thorough exploration of the process of redrafting a play.

Considering the difference between an edit, a rewrite and a polish, this five-week course will go into the granular detail of taking a play from first to final draft, giving and receiving feedback and implementing dramaturgical notes.

Taught by Sherman’s Literary Manager, dramaturg Davina Moss.

EXPAND 2: Considering Genre

Considering Adaptation, Comedy, Historical/Biographical Playwriting, Autobiographical Playwriting and Writing for Young People.

Five leading artists will lead weekly sessions consisting of exercises and discussion about how the various genres offer opportunities and challenges for the writer to craft a story which connects with a contemporary audience.

Taught by Seiriol Davies, Emily White, Hannah McPake, Connor Allen and Lee Lyford.

EXPAND 3: Theatricality

What makes a play a play? Why does one idea work on screen or radio, and another on stage?

Hearing from a range of writers who’ve crossed media, this five-week programme will delve into these questions. We’ll explore writing for television, film, radio and theatre, learning from artists who’ve had experiences with these forms throughout their careers.

Teachers will include Lisa Parry, Tim Green, Daf James, Ed Thomas, and artistic staff from Sherman Theatre.

EXPAND 4: Form and Structure

A look at the process of how a play is made.

Over five weeks, writer Catherine Dyson and Sherman Theatre Artistic Director Joe Murphy will attempt to demystify the most misunderstood terms in theatre making. Going through the process of how a play is made, Joe and Catherine will talk story beats, acts and narrative structure—and, most importantly, how to blow it all apart when necessary.

If you’re still early on in your playwriting journey, you might be interested in EXPLORE.

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