Sofie Hagen: Will I Ever Have Sex Again?



16 July 2024



Further details

  • Duration: Approx 1 hour 50 minutes including interval

Sofie Hagen is bringing her brand new stand-up show and her brand new book on tour.

The book, out in May 2024, Will I Ever Have Sex Again? is a candid, hilarious and disarming attempt to explore our sexual landscape, through conversations with experts, therapists, sex workers, porn stars, comedians and public figures. Why are we not having the sex we want to have? Where is the sexual liberation we were promised? Part memoir, part exploration, Sofie attempts to figure out why she hasn’t had sex in over 3,000 days – and why this frustration is so relatable to so many people.

The brand new stand-up and storytelling show, Banglord, is ‘a banger of a show’ (Entertainment Now) about sexual frustration and world domination.

Come laugh at the stand-up, participate in the Q&A about Will I Ever Have Sex Again? and get your book signed. A full evening of fun.

You can find information about the seating in the Main House here.

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