Sherman Youth Theatre

Have Your Welsh Cake and Eat It

Made at Sherman Theatre

Written by Davina Moss & Lowri Morgan

Directed by Beca Llwyd


25 - 27 Jul 2024


£10. Under 25s Half Price

Further details

  • Space: Studio
  • Language: English

Welsh Cake Anarchy

A spoonful of corporate greed mixed with a dollop of activism, all generously sprinkled with humour. These are the delicious ingredients to be found in Have Your Welsh Cake and Eat It, the latest production from Sherman Youth Theatre – our theatre group for ages 8 -18.

A billionaire BigWig with a penchant for golf courses is closing the Welsh Cake factory. Join the outraged Peaceful Protesters and Risk Taking Radicals as they take on the power-hungry people in suits ripping the heart out of their town.

Grown-ups will laugh at the satire. Children will be inspired by the story. Make memories during the summer holidays on a fun family afternoon at the theatre.

Firmly putting their stamp on the script co-created with them by Davina Moss and Lowri Morgan, the rousing Sherman Youth Theatre eagerly bring the characters to life. This is controlled chaos delivered with energy and joy.

Become part of the story. Take action. Stick it to the BigWigs. Enjoy yourself. Bring the family. Sit up and listen to Sherman Youth Theatre.

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