Sherman Youth Theatre

Ghost Cities

Sherman at 50 Theatre


6 Apr

Further details

  • Space: Main House
  • Duration: Approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes
Important information

Ghost Cities deals with adult themes and contains strong language, scenes and references some audience members may find distressing or upsetting. For more detailed information, click here.

Contemporary. Explosive. Cardiff.

As part of the Sherman’s 50th Celebration Youth Theatre Festival.

An unpopulated city, an empty teenager’s bedroom, a carpark filled with dust covered cars… a perfect place for ghosts.

What can you expect from Ghost Cities?

Sherman Youth Theatre bursts onto the main house stage with Ghost Cities, a play about Wales, set in Cardiff. With nods to the past, and the future, but rooted firmly in the present. Sharing what life in our city, and the world, means to the Sherman’s young people here and now.

Everything you need to know about Ghost Cities:

A new take on Gary Owen’s play Ghost City
Gary Owen’s Ghost City premiered in Cardiff in 2004 – a sharp, streetwise snapshot of urban life spanning twenty four hours and twenty four lives.

An exploration of what Cardiff means to its young people
Ghost Cities incorporates brand new material written by our Introduction to Playwriting participants (15 to 18 years old), exploring what’s important to young people now.

Our Youth Theatre take to the Main House stage
Ghost Cities will be performed by our Youth Theatre participants aged 15 to 18.

Including brand new material written by our Introduction to Playwriting participants Mared Seeley, Loki Skyrme-Croft, Lauren Hindmarsh, Emma Phelps a Isla Munnik .

Designer Ruby Brown (Supported by The Fenton Arts Trust)
Assistant Director Beca Llwyd Roberts (Supported by The Fenton Arts Trust)

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