Frân Wen

Deian a Loli

Family Performances in Welsh


5 - 8 Jun 2024
Various time

Further details

  • Space: Main House
  • Language: Welsh
  • Ages: 5 - 11
  • Duration: 1 hour without an interval


Don’t miss Deian and Loli’s first ever live theatre show as the mischievous pair explore the wonders and dangers of their fantasy world.

We all have to grow up sometime. Or do we?

It’s Deian and Loli’s first day in big school!

Deian is super excited but Loli really doesn’t want to go. On top of everything, the car keys are missing and they can’t go to school. Loli insists that her imaginary friend has stolen them – but Mum, Dad and Deian don’t believe in imaginary friends.

Deian has no choice but to join Loli in the search for the lost keys. So it’s time to say THAT magic word and freeze their parents as the twins go on the greatest adventure of their lives.

Will they manage to find their imaginary friend before he disappears forever? Is it possible that they might lose their magic powers as they grow up?

BSL interpretation by Cathryn McShane on Fri 7 Jun at 10:30am & 5pm

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