Sherman Theatre

Back In Play: Young Queens

Back in Play


6.30pm - 7.00pm

Further details

  • Space: Studio
  • Seating: Cabaret style seating
  • Language: English

Young Queens

Back in Play is all about offering you the Sherman Theatre experiences that mean the most to you. Showcasing community voices is a hugely important part of our programme as a theatre and we couldn’t envisage this festival without this kind of work.

We’re therefore delighted to present an evening of inspiring performances by Young Queens in association with Hayaat Women Trust. Through poetry and drama these young Welsh Somali writers and performers will share with you how they see the world and give their take on the complexities of friendship. The show will also include a short talk about the Cardiff Somalian community. Back in Play: Young Queens is an opportunity to get to better know one of the city’s vibrant communities and the young people who are a vital part of it.

Back in Play Festival (includes Radical Reinventions, Comedy Nights, Replay, Young Queens):
1 show £9,
Any 2 shows £15,
Any 3 shows £20,
Any 4 shows £24
(Multi-buy tickets must be booked at the same time),
Under 25s Half Price

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