Arts Council Wales’ Go and See fund exists to support mainstream schools in taking learners to participate in high quality arts experiences. You can apply for up to 90% of the cost of your trip. Whilst seeing work is at the core of these activities, the fund can also cover excursions where workshops or presentations enhance the overall experience. The fund is not available to further education colleges or learners aged over 16.

Applications should be submitted five weeks before the activity is due to take place. Please apply before 12 July 2024 if you require a response before September.

The form and further guidance about the Go and See fund can be found here.

Should you decide to apply to the Go and See fund for support with bringing a school group to see Odyssey ’84, you will require the information below to complete the form, as well as details of the number of pupils, the broad age category and primary artform you will be experiencing.

Date of your visit:
Select the day you would like to come to the theatre, between Wednesday 16 October and Saturday 26 October.

Cost of your visit:
This total should include costs for tickets and/or transport .

Amount you are applying to Go and See for:
This needs to be a whole number up to £1000 and no more than 90% of the total cost of your visit.

7 Digit School Code Number
This can be found here: https://mylocalschool.gov.wales/

Name of the venue or location in Wales you wish to visit:
Sherman Theatre, Cardiff

Name of the high-quality arts experience you wish to attend:
Odyssey ‘84

Description of what the learners will be doing during their visit and how the experience will add value to the learners’ curriculum-based activities and in which subject area(s):
Odyssey ‘84 is anew play that will introduce leaners to the complexities of the 1984 Miners’ Strike, a pivotal moment in British history, with particular relevance for South Wales. It will invite audiences to consider the political landscape of 40 years ago, the impact of the closures on the community and the seismic aftermath and legacy of the conflict. The play itself will cover subject matter relating to multiple areas of the curriculum, including history, human geography, and government and politics. In addition, the classic form and epic style of the play will be of interest to students of Drama and English Literature.

Participating in a workshop will engage learners further through an in depth exploration of the media, protest art and/or epic storytelling, linking to further specialist subject areas, including Classics, Media Studies, Sociology, Art, English and Theatre Studies. Whilst many of these subjects are studied more discreetly at A’ Level, they also feature in the broader curriculum of other subjects at GCSE. A visit to see Odyssey ’84 also supports the four pillars of the new Welsh curriculum, in particular, the aim of producing ‘ethical, informed citizens of Wales and the world’, with this unique opportunity to better understand contemporary Welsh history. Odyssey ’84 is an excellent example of how the Expressive Arts can facilitate the exploration of many subjects and ideas across the curriculum, in an accessible and exciting way.

Confirm how you will be matching 10% of the total cost of your visit:
This might be through school funds, parent contributions, in-kind support or teacher/supply cover.

Languages Used:
Odyssey ’84 is an English language piece, but workshops can be delivered through the medium of Welsh, or bilingually on request.

Should you require any additional information please get in touch with us using the following email address: community@shermantheatre.co.uk

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