Introduction To Playwriting

Introduction to Playwriting

I appreciated the friendly, creative environment, and it has made me look forward to writing professionally in the future.”

Sherman Theatre’s Introduction to Playwriting programme offers young people aged 15 -18 the opportunity to explore and develop their creative writing skills. Most importantly it’s a place where they can discover their voice and share it with others.

We are pleased to offer this completely FREE thanks to the support of the Esmëe Fairbairn Foundation.

Every week our young people build their confidence by learning new skills, having fun and making new connections. Our dedicated team lead sessions that are not just about writing. The sessions also focus on things we know are important to our young people like developing social skills, problem solving and collaboration. Our face to face workshops have had to move online, but that’s all that’s changed.

Our weekly Zoom sessions encourage our young people to experience a variety of approaches to creative and playwriting writing skills. At the conclusion of this term the young people’s writing will be shared through a short season of online work delivered by professional actors and directors.

Introduction to Playwriting is open to everyone aged 15 – 18. We’re aware that every young person develops at their own rate and ability. We aim to provide a nurturing environment, so our young people can make the most of their experiences. If you have any questions about the programme, please don’t hesitate in contacting us on the email below.

Our sessions take place every Thursday during term time from 7.30pm – 9.30pm for more information or to sign up contact us at

I would unquestionably recommend this course to other young people, who are interested in writing.”

Video Tutorials and resources

In addition to this our weekly sessions we are also support blended learning environments through our FREE video workshop tutorial series.

Theatrical professionals from across Wales and the UK have helped create content that will guide creative writing and theatre making. Each contributor tells us about themselves and their career path, before leading you through two exercise to enhance your skills.

We also provide an activity pack with further information on the exercises and a detailed glossary, enabling you to develop lessons and work schemes.

Find samples of the written resource here.

For access to the video tutorials and accompanying materials please get in touch with us at

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