Love, Cardiff: 50 Years of Your Stories

Made at Sherman Sherman at 50 Theatre

Written by our Community Cast and Paul Jenkins

Directed by Francesca Pickard



17 & 19 Aug
2.00pm (Saturday Matinee) & 7.00pm

Further details

  • Space: Main House
  • Duration: 1 hour 15 minutes (without an interval)
Important Information

This performance contains some scenes which some audiences may find distressing, gun shots, loud noise, flashing lights and haze. For more information, please click here.

Imagine a city transformed by the people who come to live there. A city enriched by its communities who live side by side. That city is Cardiff – a city of thousands of stories.

Our 50th birthday is an opportunity to celebrate the people and the city that made Sherman Theatre possible, the city we all love. Love, Cardiff: 50 Years of Your Stories is a major moment in our 50th birthday celebrations. Communities from across Cardiff will take to our Main House stage to tell some of those stories. These are incredible stories from on your doorstep. Throughout the show we will also tell the story of the remarkable people who made Sherman Theatre possible. This major event features professional performers alongside members of the communities themselves.

Love, Cardiff: 50 Years of Your Stories is a show full of celebration, empathy, generosity, compassion and surprises. Witness the stories of communities all around you, make new discoveries and see the world through their eyes. Love, Cardiff: 50 Years of Your Stories promises a life enhancing, energising live theatre experience, shared with others. Join us this August and be part of something bigger.

For Love, Cardiff: 50 Years Of Your Stories, we are working with Cathays Day Provision (ALN), the Welsh Ballroom Community (LGBTQIA+), Waulah Cymru, the Kurdish All Wales Association, the Jewish History Association of South Wales, and members of the Deaf Community.

The production is the result of a community project made possible with The National Lottery Heritage Fund.

Our Communities:

The Kurdish All Wales Association brings together Kurds living in Wales from across Turkey, Syria, Iran and Iraq, the four countries that make up the Kurdistan region. The group exists to promote integration and protect and celebrate the language and culture of the Kurdish people, who have long suffered persecution, providing support and opportunities for those who have been displaced. We are grateful to be able to share our story of struggle on the Sherman main stage and raise awareness of the plight of the Kurdish people, whilst celebrating the home we have made for ourselves here in Wales.

The Welsh Ballroom Community has been amassing a large following since its inception during lockdown. Ballroom is an underground subculture with a rich history that provides a safe space for LGBTQI+ people to come to together, to celebrate each other, and compete in different categories during functions known as balls. The scene is international, with ‘houses’ all around the world and now Cardiff is firmly on the map. We have really enjoyed the rehearsal process for this production which has allowed us to grow, not only as individuals, but as a community and family. We are looking forward to showcasing this when we share our story and celebrate joining The Royal Iconic Houses Of Milan.

Cardiff’s Deaf Hub, based at Newport Road, is the cultural and social home of the Deaf Community in Cardiff and the surrounding areas. It is estimated 200-300 people from all walks of life are served by the centre and its Deaf Cool Youth Club. Here Deaf people can find support and a place to relax and interact with others. By sharing our stories, we want to make people aware about some of the barriers and challenges faced by Deaf people but we also want to celebrate our community, language and commitment to supporting one another and the next generation.

Cathays Day Provision is a group for adults with additional needs, based at Cathays Community Centre. Each week the members take part in social activities where they are encouraged and supported to take charge, build confidence, forge friendships, and develop lifelong skills. We’d like to thank the Sherman Theatre, for giving us the opportunity to be part of the 50th anniversary community production so that we can tell our stories. Stories that celebrate individuality, aspiration and achievement and showcase the incredible environment at the centre and the special relationships built there.

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