An Audience with Milly Liu

Comedy Theatre

Written by François Pandolfo

Directed by Dan Jones



27 - 30 July
Various times

Further details

  • Space: Studio
  • Language: English
  • Duration: 1 hour
Important information

Contains some audience participation, strong language and material of a sexual nature. Find out more.

A one man cat-drag comedy

Edinburgh Previews: The last chapter in the autobiography of an infamous feline movie star!

The cat’s out of the bag and Milly-Liu is ready to spill the beans on all your favourite celebrity pussies. From Bagpuss to Felix, she’s worked with the best of them, and been to bed with the rest of them! Come join her (if you dare), but be warned, she’ll throw you around like a half dead mouse and FFS don’t mention David Attenborough! Don’t miss these exclusive previews before Milly-Liu hot foots it to the Edinburgh Fringe.

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