Deaf Theatre Club

Come along to our award-winning Deaf Theatre Club at Sherman Theatre where you can access the following

• Discounted tickets
• Captioned or BSL performances
• FREE BSL introduction to productions
• FREE BSL post-show discussions

All members of the D/deaf community are eligible to join Sherman 5.

Full details about Sherman 5 in Spring 2019 can be found here.

 Action on Hearing Loss Cymru Award

We were delighted that Action on Hearing Loss Cymru recognised Sherman Theatre's Deaf Theatre Club with an Excellence Wales Award in 2017 and 2018 -- the judging process was carried out by a panel of people who are deaf and hard of hearing and members of the charity. The awards recognise organisations that are working to improve services to the 575,000 people in Wales who have a hearing loss.






CAPTIONED: Lose Yourself, 24 May 7.30 pm -- pre-show chat with BSL support from Claire Anderson at 6.30 pm: chat with writer Kath Chandler and director Patricia Logue.

BSL-INTERPRETED: Anweledig, 12 Mar 7.00 pm -- BSL-interpreted performance and post-show talk. Interpreter: Cathryn McShane-Kouyate.

CAPTIONED: The Taming of the Shrew, 14 Mar 7.30 pm -- pre-show BSL support from Claire Anderson.

BSL-INTERPRETED: Get it While it's Hot: Five Green Bottles, 10 Apr 6.30 pm -- pre-show BSL support from Claire Anderson. BSL-interpreter of show: Stephen Brattan-Wilson.

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