The Dance to the Bone cast describe the show

We asked the Dance to the Bone cast what audiences can expect from the show, and here are their responses.


“Expect to be energised, engaged and expect to want to move.”
Oliver Hoare

“The wonderful thing about the show is that although it’s dealing with some heavy issues, you come away with the most life affirming feeling.”
Gavin Swift

“Expect brilliant storytelling through powerful acting, music and dance, amazing demonstrations of actor musicianship and beautiful choreography.”
Sarah Workman

“Audiences can expect to be moved, to be spurred to consider their own relationship to their family and emotions. They’ll take away the freedom to just be. To experience life fully without fear.”
Krystal S. Lowe


“I really love the live music element of Dance to the Bone – there’s something magical about being in a room where everything is in the flesh and being played right in front of you, not just recorded sound. I’m so curious to see how audiences respond to it – it gets quite emotional at times! And it means that every night is going to be a little bit different, and I’m really excited about that.”
Yasemin Özdemir

“For me Dance to the Bone is all about the MUSIC! I think the score is awesome and I’m having an utter blast playing it!”
Gavin Swift


“It’s a beautiful, moving, and big-hearted show; full of wonderful original live music, songs, and choreography. The script is gripping and filled with brilliantly fun, complex, and utterly relatable characters that each go on their own very different personal journeys throughout the production. I think audiences will leave feeling lighter and encouraged to embrace what makes them unique – not fitting into the box is okay!”
Yasemin Özdemir

“It’s an epic journey from day to night where only your darkest truths can set you free.”
Jack Beale

“A fast paced, intimate evening full of beautiful music, movement and a resonant story that I think many of us will recognise within ourselves.”
Ceriann Williams

“It’s a cracking yarn, epic and everyday, magically real. And I love the music. It’s massively exciting and cool.”
Alex Murdoch


“What do I think makes this production different? We’re pushing the genre of gig theatre. It’s proper music with a proper story, whatever proper means.”
Oliver Hoare

“What gets me excited about Dance to the Bone? The live band, the music, the brilliant writing, relatable characters and of course the dancing plague dancing.”
Tesnui Kujore

“What does the phrase “dod yn nôl at fy nghoed” mean to me now? Returning to the most honest part of yourself – internal, physical or both – and building your sense of self from there. Forging your own path and remaining true to yourself.”
Yasemin Özdemir

“We wanted to create a show that would leave people wanting to go for a dance and call their loved ones. It’s been a strange few years and we want people to leave feeling uplifted and reconnected with their community.”
Eleanor Yates

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