Time Credits

Sherman 5 is part of the Tempo Time Credits network.

Time Credits strengthen and build communities by engaging those who may not normally get very involved in their local area, as well as by encouraging people to be involved in different ways in order to add a new dimension to their lives (and the community).

Time Credits are a way of 'thanking' people for any time that they choose to give. Time Credits build local networks by linking schools, businesses, community groups and individuals.


For every one hour of time that an individual gives to a community-focused project, group or activity that is a part of the Time Credits network, they will receive one Time Credit which can be used to access a variety of different services or activities within the local community such as bread-making classes, swimming sessions, ten-pin bowling, hair and beauty treatments or trips to the theatre.

Two Time Credits will 'pay' for one ticket for a performance at Sherman Theatre. See here for eligible performances.


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