Sherman Sherbets

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Sherman Sherbets are weekly drama and theatre sessions for young people from Reception - Year 3. It's a chance for them to express themselves creatively and boost their confidence in a safe space, where they have lots of fun and make tons of new friends.

"Sherbets is fun! We play lots of games like ones where you have to make frozen shapes or shout out"
Leon Bogacz, Sherbets Member


Start W/C 17/09/2018
Half term break W/C 29/10/2018
End W/C 03/12/2018

Start W/C 21/01/2019
Half term break W/C 25/02/2019
End W/C 08/04/2019

Start W/C 01/05/2019
Half term break W/C 27/05/2019
End W/C 20/07/2019

Sherman Sherbets - Reception and Year 1 at Sherman Theatre, Saturday, 10.00am - 11.00am
Sherman Sherbets - Years 2 & 3 at Sherman Theatre, Saturday, 11.00am - 12.30pm

How to apply

For more information please contact Box Office on 029 2064 6900

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