Sherman Scribblers

A fun creative writing group for members.


Sherman Scribblers is a fun, new group for Sherman 5 members who enjoy creative writing.

The sessions are ideal for anyone who would like to develop their writing skills and learn more about writing for theatre. It’s a very informal group, you can come to as many or as a few sessions as you like. Each monthly online meeting is packed full of activities led by writers and theatre makers including Tracy Harris. We are currently meeting online and will move to blended and in person meetings. We’d love to welcome new members to the group. This is a great opportunity to meet other Sherman 5 members and to learn new skills – all for free!

We’re delighted to introduce one of our Sherman Scribblers to you. Kevin Chubb joined the group in September 2021

Hello Kevin, tell us a little bit about yourself:

My name is Kevin Chubb and I’ll be 68 next birthday. I’m married to Mair and we have three children and a lovely 6 year-old granddaughter- Emily Jayne. Emily Jayne caused a sensation with her dancing during a Sherman 5 workshop for children when she was 2.

Back in the noughties I worked on a refugee project, so I love being associated with a Theatre of Sanctuary. I’ve been a Sherman volunteer usher and Sherman 5 member since 2016.

What led you to writing?

Like a lot of folk, I was very much at a loose end during the high-level lock down in 2020. So, I took advantage of the online “write a play on a page” writing course that Sherman 5 ran in the first lockdown. As a result, I’m writing a play called Ceinwen. It’s set in WW2. There’s some dancing and a bit of boy meets girl. I’m hoping that a Youth Theatre will take it up one day for a Drama Festival. I’m also working on a longer play. This is a about a young girl who becomes an opera singer despite a difficult childhood. Both plays are set in Wales.

Tell us more about Ceinwen

I have been working on this for a while now, and in one of the Sherman Scribblers writing sessions, we were asked to think about personal memories as part of our play writing activities. Unfortunately, my parents both died within weeks of each other in 2015. As young people they lived through the second World War. If they were still alive, I’d like to think they would be very interested in my play Ceinwen. The scene published here is the second of three scenes in the full play, and I am working on the other two scenes. My late father-in-law was a bat man for Monty in WW2. Monty was a very colourful and larger than life man – so maybe there’s scope for yet another play there!

Tell us a bit about being a Sherman Scribbler:

Back in the summer I took part in some interviews to promote the Sherman volunteer programme. Apparently, I interview with passion! I’m certainly passionate about valuing community elders. Sherman Scribblers came from a project that gave a voice to community elders, and has evolved into a cross-generational opportunity to learn writing skills from some eminent playwrights. It’s a chance to share with fellow scribblers and it’s about sharing with our family and friends. My one daughter is a keen theatre attendee and one of my best critics. My granddaughter has already given me an idea for a knock about funny play for children.


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