Sherman 5 Volunteer Reps

Volunteer with Sherman 5.

Sherman 5 volunteers are called Reps. If would like to get involved with Sherman 5, then becoming a Sherman 5 Rep might be for you!

As a Sherman 5 Rep, you will receive induction and ongoing training as well as regular information about our varied volunteering opportunities.

You’ll also be able to earn Tempo Time Credits, and for every hour that you volunteer with us, you’ll earn one Time Credit. You can use your digital Time Credits to buy tickets at Sherman Theatre, or for offers at other venues and outlets. You can find more information about how Time Credits work below.

Who can become a Sherman 5 Rep?
• Anyone who is already a Sherman 5 member can volunteer to become a Sherman 5 Rep, and just needs to fill in a simple application form.
• If you do not qualify for Sherman 5 membership, but would still like to volunteer with us, you can still apply to become a Sherman 5 Rep.

What will you be doing?
Sherman 5 Reps have the opportunity to volunteer and participate in the life and work of Sherman Theatre in a number of different ways.

Here are a few examples:

  • Participating in training: Undergoing training in basic BSL, refugee and asylum seeker awareness, VI (visual impairment) awareness, autism awareness, Dementia Friends awareness.
  • Supporting Front of House: Ushering at performances, meeting and greeting audience members, running information stands.
  • Supporting our access provision: Acting as Buddies for blind/ Visually Impaired members, supporting access performances including Touch Tours, Audio Described performances and helping members of our award-winning Deaf Theatre Club.
  • Helping with Marketing / Admin tasks: Supporting staff with preparing large mail-outs – folding, stuffing envelopes, labelling etc.
  • Acting as an ambassador for Sherman 5: Spreading the word, attending events, awards ceremonies, talking to the media.
  • Theatre Criticism and Response: Reviewing productions and events at Sherman Theatre – these have appeared on the Sherman Theatre website.
  • Helping at social events: Assisting at Sherman Theatre quizzes, Press Nights and celebrations etc.

How to volunteer with Sherman 5
If you are interested in becoming a Sherman 5 Rep, we’d love to chat with you and have you fill in an application form!

Please email Claire Bottomley, the Sherman 5 Coordinator, at or ring on 07545 210357.

What are the benefits?
We offer a broad range of opportunities to our volunteer Reps, including awareness raising sessions on a range of topics, in-house training, the chance to volunteer as an Ambassador in the wider community and access to external training opportunities.

Many of our volunteer Reps report an increase in self-confidence as well as enhanced skills and experience:

“As a Sherman 5 Rep, I feel part of the Sherman’s community and it also provides training opportunities and a space to meet different people. I have had a great experience getting involved with Sherman Theatre, it has improved my confidence, educated me in the arts sector and shown me there is a place for me in the arts.”

Earning Time Credits: How does it work?
Time Credits are a way of acknowledging the time that you are giving.
As our partners Tempo put it, ‘Time Credits are a way of recognising the amazing things people do in their communities’.

It’s simple: for every hour that you volunteer with us, you earn one Time Credit. The idea behind Time Credits is that everyone’s time is worth the same and so everyone earns the same.

Spending Tempo Time Credits: How does it work?
You can spend Tempo Time Credits in many different places to do many different things – there are hundreds of activities on offer across the national Tempo Time Credits network.

Spend opportunities include sports and leisure activities as well as trips to the theatre or cinema.

You’ll need to register with Tempo for your digital online account, and then you can manage your Time Credits balance as well as find out about all the wonderful places where you can spend Tempo Time Credits.

What about spending Time Credits at Sherman Theatre?
Sherman Theatre accepts digital Tempo Time Credits – two Time Credits will buy you one ticket, and you can get up to two tickets per show.

There are a limited number of Time Credit tickets available across a selection of shows. You do not have to be a Sherman 5 member to use Time Credits.
For all the latest information about what tickets are available for Time Credits users, visit the Members’ Page.

If you have reserved seats and plan to pay with Time Credits on the day of the performance, but then cannot come, please let us know so we can release the tickets for someone else to use.

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