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6 Nov - 11 Dec



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FREE skills workshops for freelance theatre makers

Learn a broad range of new skills with Sherman Theatre’s FREE interactive Workshops. Each workshop is led by a specialist in each discipline who are members of Sherman Theatre’s expert staff team and artistic family. These workshops are specially designed to help freelance theatre makers to continue to develop during these exceptionally challenging times. Following a hugely positive response to the initial programme in Spring, we are delighted to announce the following workshops for Autumn 2020:

Joe Murphy, Artistic Director: How to structure a play

Hayley Grindle, Associate Artist: Stage Design

Timothy Howe, Creative Engagement Manager: Youth Theatre.

Workshop will cover the following topics: process ideas, giving ownership / voice to the participants, Theatre Makers not performers, learning to let go and how to help young people access the world of the play.


Ed Newsome, Head of Marketing & Communications:

- Branding (without a budget) – what it Is, why it’s important and how to do it
- How to write engaging copy

Ceriann Williams and Julia Barry – Producing

Watch this space for further details. Workshop dates will be announced on 25 September.

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