Simon Callow on Orson Welles: One Man Band

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18 March



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“I love touring plays, but every bit as much as that, I love talking about my books in cities and towns across the country. I’ve found that people are fantastically warm and keenly interested: as in the theatre, each talk is entirely different as people react differently to the - though i say it myself - remarkable story I’m telling. Orson Welles was one of the most completely, improbably, extravagant human beings who ever lived. I’ve tried to make the reader feel as if they’d met him. On the reading tour I can convey that even more vividly, and look forward to sharing what I know about Welles with people across the country." Simon Callow

Hear from Simon Callow’s acclaimed biography of Orson Welles, One Man Band; the third volume in his epic survey of Orson Welles’ life and work.

Simon Callow probes in comprehensive and penetrating detail into one of the most complex artists of the twentieth century, looking closely at the triumphs and failures of an ambitious one-man assault on one medium after another - theatre, radio, film, television - even ballet - in each of which his radical and original approach opened up new directions and hitherto unglimpsed possibilities.

Following the performance Simon Callow will be in the foyer to sign copies of the book.

Listen to Simon Callow talking about his biography of Orson Welles here.

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Friday 18 March - 7.30pm


“Callow is not simply a terrific actor who happens to write - you could as well call him a terrific writer who happens to act.” The Times

"Simon Callow's three volumes so far amount to hero worship, warts and all." Independent

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