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Sexual Perversity in Chicago


6-9 February


£12 | Concessions : £2 off
Under 25s: Half Price

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Production performed in English
Post-show talk: 7 February
Contains strong language
Ages 16+

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Show Information

"You're trying to understand women and I'm confusing you with information... what are you feeling? Tell me what you're feeling. Jerk."

Danny meets Deborah, they like each other, they move in together... Danny and Deborah separate...

Set in 70s Chicago, David Mamet's highly acclaimed black comedy looks at relationships between friends and their failing attempts when searching for a mate.

Ages 16+

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Meisner Technique Workshop

Saturday 9 February 2-5pm 
Prices: £5 for ticket holders (ticket must be booked first) 
£25 for non-ticket holders

The main thrust of the workshop will be working practically with the exercises from the Meisner technique and also a chance to question the directors of Sexual Perversity in Chicago about what discoveries they made and what were the challenges they faced while working on this show and with these techniques.

(Maximum 20 people)


Show Times

Sexual Perversity in Chicago - Theatre 2  
Wednesday 6 February 8pm
Thursday 7 February 8pm
Friday 8 February 8pm
Saturday 9 February 8pm


"A funny and painful dig at the fantasies and disdain of the contemporary sexual game"
The New York Times

Cast & Team

By: David Mamet

Director: Robert Bowman

Danny – Ioannis Sholto
Bernie – Robert Bowman 
Deborah – Lizzie Rogan 
Joan – Claire Cage


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