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The Mysterious Vanishment of Pobby and Dingan


17 November



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Suitable for ages 9+
Post Show talk: 17 November

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The Mysterious Vanishment of Pobby and Dingan

Pobby and Dingan are Kellyanne’s best friends.

Her brother Ashmol hates them because they’re invisible. Then they go missing - and Kellyanne gets sick. Ashmol must find them, but where do you look for something you can’t even see?

Based on Ben Rice’s acclaimed novel about an outback opal-mining community, this is a funny and heartbreaking story about love and the enduring power of the imagination.

Travelling Light has an outstanding reputation for creating theatre for young audiences and is highly regarded locally, nationally and internationally for producing innovative performances.


Show Times

The Mysterious Vanishment of Pobby and Dingan - Theatre 1

Saturday 17 November 3pm


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'This Tasmanian writer has a quirky, audacious, wonderfully unfettered way of looking at life.'
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By Finegan Kruckemeyer

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