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Supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund.

Love, Cardiff: City Road Stories


13 - 15 April, 7.30pm



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Main House

Director Andrew Sterry
Associate Director Paul Jenkins

All shows captioned in English

Warning: contains adult themes

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Show Information

Performance, Exhibition, Archive

Whoever you are, you have a story to tell.

Love, Cardiff: City Road Stories is the story of our city’s past, present and future told through the personal accounts of our City Road communities. The customers in the barbers and take-aways pass each other on the street. The staff in the grocers, the sex shop, and the funeral directors sit side by side on the bus. The residents of City Road make their way home, every passer-by, every person an extraordinary story.

Love, Cardiff: City Road Stories is a community production that explores the stories that lie behind the faces of those who live, work and play along this vibrant city road.

Do you have a City Road story?

If so, get in touch. Your story may be the inspiration we are looking for to help us build our performance, exhibition and archive. Please contact the Love, Cardiff Team on 02920 646980 or email The Community and Engagement Team at the Sherman Theatre create projects about you, our citizens, together telling the story of our community, our capital city.

‘To have the whole community in a play made entirely of their words was incredible.’ (Waulah Cymru Committee Member on the Sherman Theatre’s Community Production of Home)

Love, Cardiff has been supported by a grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund.



Show Times

13 April 7.30pm  CAPTIONED
14 April 7.30pm  CAPTIONED
15 April 7.30pm  CAPTIONED


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Cast & Team

Director Andrew Sterry

Associate Director Paul Jenkins

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