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25 September - 12 October


£15 - £22
Previews: £12 - £20 (25 & 26 September)
Concessions: £2 off
Under 25s: Half price
Mondays: £10

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Captioned: 5 October
Post-show talk: 3 October

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It's a Family Affair... (We'll Settle it Ourselves)

Audiences are having a fantastic time at It's a Family Affair... (We'll Settle it Ourselves), join us for a hilarious night out full of scheming, plotting and laughter as we celebrate our 40th birthday with this classic play.

What our audiences have said so far on Twitter and Facebook ...

Really enjoyed 'its a family affair' @ShermanCymru last night. Well worth a watch!” Kelly Barr

Well I Thought 'It's a Family Affair' was hilarious tonight ! #itsafamilyaffair @ShermanCymru.” Matthew J Westcott

“#ItsaFamilyAffair was a great performance, with good acting, pretty damn farcical @ShermanCymru” Sam Gillard

False bankruptcy, spoilt rich kids, matchmakers on the take and lawyers on the bottle. Welcome to the world of Moscow's merchant class, the nouveau riche of 19th century Russia. Written in 1849 then promptly banned, Alexander Ostrovsky's debut comedy is a scathing satire of a vulgar and deluded society, where blackmail and hypocrisy abound, the rouble rules, and everyone can be bought, sold or borrowed.

William Thomas (Twin Town, Gavin and Stacey, Belonging) is aging merchant Bolshov, who dreams of a daughter-free retirement whilst clinging to his wealth in this new adaptation by Simon Crowther (Sherman Cymru's The Get Together, ITV's Coronation Street).

Lee Mengo (Stella, Skins, Gwaith Cartref) is Bolshov's hapless clerk Lazar, in love with the boss's daughter but embroiled in his scheme...

Siân Reeves (Cutting It and Mount Pleasant) brings her trademark comedy to the outlandish, lavish Ustinya, matchmaker extraordinaire and all round wheeler dealer who gets tripped up by her love of sable coats... live ones, of course.

The question is, who has an eye for the big chance?

They are joined by familiar faces Guy Lewis, Valmai Jones, Ri Richards and introducing Rachel Redford and Gareth Tempest.

A night of scheming, plotting and laughter.

It’s a Family Affair… (We’ll Settle it Ourselves) is a Sherman Cymru production directed by our Associate Director, Roisin McBrinn. 

SianMain    RiRich1    LeeMengo1

Siân Reeves      Ri Richards         Lee Mengo

ValmaiJ    RachRedford    WillTfa

Valmai Jones     Rachel Redford   William Thomas

Lewis Guy     GarethTemp

Guy Lewis           Gareth Tempest


Show Times

It's a Family Affair... (We'll Settle it Ourselves) - Theatre 1  
Wednesday 25 September (Preview) 7.30pm
Thursday 26 September (Preview) 7.30pm
Friday 27 September 7.30pm
Saturday 28 September 7.30pm
Monday 30 September 7.30pm
Tuesday 1 October 7.30pm
Wednesday 2 October 7.30pm
Thursday 3 October 7.30pm
Friday 4 October 7.30pm
Saturday 5 October 7.30pm
Monday 7 October 7.30pm
Tuesday 8 October 7.30pm
Wednesday 9 October 7.30pm
Thursday 10 October 7.30pm
Friday 11 October 7.30pm
Saturday 12 October 7.30pm


"It’s A Family Affair is undeniably funny, fast-paced and witty, and shows that farce can still hold a firm place in contemporary theatre.” Charlie Hammond, Welsh Young Critic

"It’s A Family Affair is consistently funny (except when it intentionally isn’t), and given its instantly recognisable characters and their predicaments, is effortlessly relatable." British Theatre Guide

"It’s a Family Affair is the perfect choice for a classical adaptation, and is made particularly relevant to a Welsh audience" Elin Williams, Welsh Young Critic

Cast & Team

By: Alexander Ostrovsky

Adaption by: Simon Crowther

Director: Róisín McBrinn

Designer: Alyson Cummins

Cast: Guy Lewis, Valmai Jones, Lee Mengo, Rachel Redford, Siân Reeves, Ri Richards, Gareth Tempest, William Thomas.


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