What a Wonderful World

What a Wonderful World - RESCHEDULED

Fri 04 Sep 2020 - Sat 05 Sep 2020

Before anything new is made it must be dreamed. From our moon-base in the Sea of Tranquillity we get a great view of the Earth and it’s time to make a new one just like we do every night! What shall we put in tomorrow’s world? Snowballs and...

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Romeo and Julie NT_main

Romeo and Julie - CANCELLED

Wed 16 Sep 2020 - Sat 03 Oct 2020

Two working-class eighteen year-olds raised a few streets apart, but from entirely different worlds, crash into first love and are knocked off their feet. But at this crossroads to the rest of their lives, both families fear the worst in a world of...

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Merthyr Stigmatist

The Merthyr Stigmatist - RESCHEDULING

Fri 02 Oct 2020 - Sat 17 Oct 2020

Is something incredible happening in Merthyr, something which defies logic? Carys, a sixteen year-old school pupil, claims to have received the stigmata: Christ’s wounds from the Cross. Are her wounds a sign from God? Sian, Carys’s teacher is...

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A Christmas Carol

A Christmas Carol - RESCHEDULING

Fri 27 Nov 2020 - Sat 02 Jan 2021

Cardiff, 1843. Money is all Scrooge has. She has lots of it. It’s all she has ever had but it’s never made her happy. But on Christmas Eve she will meet three ghosts who will teach her the most important lesson of all. By Christmas morning she...

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