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Philosopy of Technology Festival

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15 May 2018


£1.00 Students
£10.00 Family Tickets (4 Tickets - Max 3 Adults)

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Show Information

The emergence of new technologies constantly transforms who we are and what we can do. As we steadily merge with technology and increasingly spend time online, our next step forward needs to be critically examined. In this Philosophy of Technology Festival, organized by Cardiff University’s Philosophy unit, experts on the field will give short talks, answer your questions and lead roundtable discussions with you.

Topics will include:
• Online Information
• Technological Enhancement
• Video games
• Genetics
• Social Media
• Artificial Consciousness
• The Technological Singularity
• Work and Automata

The event will close with a public lecture by Professor of Philosophy Michael Lynch (University of Connecticut).

Show Times

15 May 2018, 4.00pm


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Cast & Team

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