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Free Gig: Palomino Party and R. Seiliog

Palomino Party


8 March



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Show Information

Free Gig: Palomino Party & R. Seiliog

Friday 8 March, 8.00pm

R.Seiliog is alias to Robin Edwards, a musician/producer operating from Cardiff, Wales. He was born in the basement of a watchmakers shop in Peniel, North Wales in 1985. This early exposure to the syncopated rhythms of countless different timepieces was to have a lasting effect on the way he hears the world and indeed, composes.

His music has the repetitive, hypnotic, and melodic qualities of his kosmiche forefathers Klaus Schulzes, Cluster, and Harmonia, but is rhythmically more akin to minimalist composers like La Monte Young and Terry Riley. Put simply his music is drones and loops elevated with cheeky little melodic jaunts and pops.


Show Times

Free Gig: Palomino Party & R. Seiliog  
Friday 8 March 8.00pm


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