Sherman Cymru

The Snow Tiger


9 November - 5 January



Gwybodaeth ychwanegol

Suitable for children aged 3-6

BSL: 11am, 29 December
Touch Tour: 12pm, 29 December
Audio Description: 1.30pm, 29 December

  • Gwybodaeth
  • Amserau
  • Adolygiadau
  • Cast a Tîm


The Snow Tiger

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Usko loves to be told stories… especially the one about the Snow Tiger. He loves going off exploring too when nobody’s looking. One day he sneaks off to find out what happened to the Snow Tiger but gets lost!

Help Usko as he journeys into the snowy forest to help to save the Snow Tiger from the hands of Baba Yaga. With song, dance and live music, The Snow Tiger will surely be a festive treat.

Gwybodaeth ar gyfer Ysgolion

Lawrlwytho'r Pecyn Addysg

Addurno plu-eira eich hyn

Suitable for children aged 3-6

Caneuon o Teigr yr Eira
(Hawlfraint y Cyfansoddwr a Chyfarwyddwr Cerdd Dyfan Jones)

Teigr yr Eira (Saesneg)
Teigr yr Eira (Cymraeg)



Snow Tiger: Theatre 2

Friday 9   1.30pm
Saturday 10   1.30pm
Tuesday 11 11am 1.30pm
Wednesday 12 11am  
Thursday 13   1.30pm
Friday 14 11am 1.30pm
Saturday 15   1.30pm
Monday 17 11am 1.30pm
Tuesday 18 11am  
Wednesday 19   1.30pm
Thursday 20 11am 1.30pm
Friday 21 11am 1.30pm
Saturday 22 11am 1.30pm
Monday 24   1.30pm
Thursday 27 11am 1.30pm
Friday 28 11am  
Saturday 29 11am Sign Language 1.30pm  Touch Tour Audio Described
Monday 31 11am 1.30pm
Wednesday 2 11am  
Thursday 3   1.30pm
Friday  4 11am 1.30pm
Saturday 5 11am  


View Welsh Language performance dates

Sign Language British Sign Language

Touch Tour Touch Tour

Audio Described Audio Description


Dim gwybodaeth ar gael

Cast a Tîm

By Philip Michelle

Branwen Davies

Mared Swain

Rachael Canning

Lighting Designer
Katy Stephenson

Composer and Musical Director
Dyfan Jones

Movement Director
Jem Treays

Carwyn Jones
Bethan Mai
Alun Saunders



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