Foyer Sessions: Y Pencadlys / H O R S E S

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21 March, 7.30pm



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Show Information

Y Pencadlys

Y Pencadlys (The Headquarter) is the artistic output of W H Hughes, the latest in line of great Welsh anti-pop heroes. Formerly a member of electronic mavericks Land of Bingo and Seindorff, he’s currently gaining cult like status due to his memorably intense gigs and creating music full of electronic pulses, femme fatale melodies, operatic menace and eastern bloc non-conformity. Peski released ‘Merched mewn ecstasi: detholiad Y Pencadlys 06-09’ at the end of last year – an EP of tracks recorded by Y Pencadlys between 2006 and 2009. W H is currently putting the final black polish on his debut album which will be released at the end of the year.


Purveyors of dark hearted electronic music and inventors of the Gloom Wave genre, H O R S E S were formed by two gentlemen from a southeasterly part of Wales.

Mournful vocals escorted gently by cold beats and balmy synths evoke a brutalist image of Berlin, as the melodies wash between the brash concrete structures of your mind.

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21 March, 7.30pm


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