HMS Morris - Totem Terrors



6 September, 8pm



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Sherman Theatre are proud to announce our next free Foyer Session starring HMS Morris and Totem Terrors.

HMS Morris

Pop songs that grew up in mid air between London and Cardiff are now settling down and embracing their Welsh psychedelic heritage. Containing hooky melodies warped by rebellious synth loops and unexpected vocal harmonies, HMS Morris take you on a voyage like no other.

Little over a year ago, Heledd Watkins was on finger picking duties as bass player for the much gentler singer songwriter Emmy the Great. But fancying her chances, she moved on to take the reins as front woman of this noisier, home grown three piece, catching the attention of Huw Stephens and earning praise from the London blogsphere in the process. Members Sam and Wil Roberts also of Mwsog and Wilma Sands complete the three piece, each bringing his own distinctive style to bear on HMS Morris’s unique twang.

Totem Terrors

Formerly two thirds of the spam-unfriendly Joy Of Sex, Max and Rosie have a 'different name, same quality' thing going on, namely writing minimalist post-punk songs that are cool, sleek and brainy.

Drum machine, bass throb, guitar as texture. Definitely for fans of Wire, Prinzhorn Dance School and films where the hero dies face down in an icy puddle. Totem Terrors are Max Hicks and Rosie Smith.

"Absolutely Howling" - Tom Robinson BBC 6Music

"Splendid minimal post-punk robo-twitch" - Joy Collective

"Exude playfulness, ingenuity, and sardonic wit" -

Spinning the tunes between bands will be wonderful Cardiff promoters and all round good folk The Joy Collective.

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