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Network Play Readings: Antigone



Saturday 30 May, 7.00pm



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Show Information


Saturday 30 May, 7.00pm

By Sophocles, translated by Timberlake Wertenbaker

Play reading by PowderHouse

Directors Chelsey Gillard and Jac Ifan Moore


Next in the series of Network Play Readings, PowderHouse, the Sherman Theatre’s Company in Residence, presents Sophocles’ classic tragedy: Antigone.

Thebes is on the brink; ravaged by plague and torn apart by governmental collapse following a civil war that pits brother against brother. Now at long last, a fractured peace has emerged. Heroes will be honoured. Traitors will rot unburied. The law will be upheld.

But what if obeying the law means abandoning your beliefs? Enter Antigone, daughter of ill-fated Oedipus, whose defiance threatens the stability of the entire state.

Over 2,400 years since it was first performed PowderHouse share an experimental reading to examine the fractious relationship between rulers and the ruled in a time of national crisis.

Honour the law. Honour the gods. Honour your dead.

PowderHouse is a Cardiff-based company creating international-facing theatre with a distinctly Welsh voice.

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Cast & Team

By Sophocles, translated by Timberlake Weternbaker

Directors Chelsey Gillard and Jac Ifan Moore

Play reading by PowderHouse
Performed by Erin Doherty, Bethan Mary-James, Neal McWilliams, Sophie Melville, Alexandria Riley and Sule Rimi.


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