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EIGHT: What You Thought You'd Do During Lockdown


From Monday 24 August



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Show Information

What You Thought You’d Do During Lockdown

By Tom Price

Director Charlotte Lewis

Performer Yasemin Özdemir

Productivity, banana bread, fitness: her lockdown had it all. What now?

EIGHT: fresh new plays from first-time writers

Thanks to the continued support of the Esmée Fairbairn Foundation, Sherman Theatre’s Introduction to Playwriting course for 15 – 18 year olds has been able to continue throughout lockdown and as it eases. The participants have created eight monologues that are personal reflections on the experience of 2020 and the situation caused by Covid-19.

The plays in EIGHT were written and directed through weekly Zoom meetings facilitated by Branwen Davies, Matt Hartley, Timothy Howe and Non Haf Davies. All plays were self-filmed by the actors involved.

Tom Price Q&A

Why did you write about your subject matter?

• "I wanted to explore what it is people define as ‘progress’ or ‘productivity’ during lockdown."

What did you enjoy about the process?

• "It was exciting to write in a new medium due to the constrictions on how the story could be told."

Branwen Davies

“I’m delighted by the ideas, imagination and images created. It’s exciting to be able to celebrate our young writers and their work.”

Playwriting Tutors Branwen Davies & Matt Hartley

Sherman Theatre Creative Engagement Manager Timothy Howe

Introduction to Playwriting Assistant Non Haf Davies

Film Editor Chris Lloyd

Introduction to Playwriting is funded by Esmée Fairbairn Foundation.


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