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16 October


£12 | Concessions: £10
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Afrovibes: a festival of cutting edge theatre, dance and music giving visitors the chance to immerse themselves in the best of contemporary performance from southern Africa.

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Show Information

Discounts available when you buy tickets for more than one Afrovibes Festival event.
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Thirst depicts the fortunes and misfortunes of three water carriers from an African village that has run out of water. On an eventful journey to find the source of their dried-out river they encounter mysterious characters, riddles and provocations.

This is magical, innovative theatre based on Baldini’s The Water Carriers: a mythic tale resonating with both past and future, its ecological message chiming with our times. It’s enriched by dance, physical theatre, song and African storytelling.

Together the writer/director and choreographer have created a unique performance style, pulsing with succinct symbolism and potent imagery. Every shard of broken clay pot, every grain of sand, every fighting stick, every foot stamp, counts in this inspirational piece which goes a long way to quench anyone’s thirst for fresh theatrical expression.

Thirst was nominated for the Naledi Award 2010 for Best New South African Play.

Ages 7+

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Show Times

Thirst - Theatre 1

Tuesday 16 October 7.30pm


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Cast & Team

Written and directed:
James Ngcobo

Gregory Maqoma

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