Eddie Ladd - Scarface*


10 October, 7.30pm


£12, £10
Under 19s: £8

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An epic on the cheap.

A tribute to Brian de Palma’s 1983 trash classic, with Eddie Ladd, a Welsh (female) performer standing in for its lead, Al Pacino.

The film’s protagonist, Tony Montana, gets out of Cuba into the States, works his way up the Miami underworld, shoots the boss, marries the girlfriend (Michelle Pfeiffer) and ends up face down in his own swimming pool.

Cynical and shiny as it is, the film is an entertaining gloss on cultural imperialism - as is the theatre show, which re-locates the action from Miami to the performer’s home in west Wales.

Eddie Ladd plays to camera all the way through. Her image is then locked to a series of backgrounds and a great soundtrack from Tystion and sent onto a cinema-sized screen.

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