Sherman Cymru and Theatr Iolo

The Princess And The Pea



5 December 2015 - 2 January 2016
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Schools: £6

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By Hans Christian Andersen
Adaptation by Katherine Chandler
Director: Kevin Lewis
Translator: Ceri Elen
Designer: Charlotte Neville
Musical Director: Dan Lawrence
Lighting Designer: Rachel Mortimer
Creative Consultant: Sarah Argent
Movement Director: Jem Treays
Gethin Alderman as the Prince
Ceri Elen as the Princess
Jenny Livsey as the Queen
Illustration by Emily Jones

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Show Information

In a magical Kingdom far, far away lived a Prince. A Prince whose one true wish was to marry a Princess. One night, in the flash and crash of lightning, in the howl and whine of the wind there was a knock at the castle door and a girl was blown in... but surely she couldn't be a Princess?

There was only way to find out...FETCH THE ROYAL PEA and hide it under the mattress! Only a real Princess would be able to feel such a tiny thing hiding there!

Join Sherman Cymru and Theatr Iolo this Christmas for a deliciously mischievous re-telling of one of Hans Christian Andersen's classic fairy tales.

Filled with laughter, music and a big sprinkling of magic, this story is perfect for 3 to 6 year olds and their families.


We are pleased to display a series of prints in our foyer this month, which have been produced by Emily Jones, the illustrator of the Princess and The Pea image.

This work is on display in our foyer until the New Year.



We’ve created an activity pack to give you an insight into the world created within the show. The pack has been designed for teachers, parents and carers to use both before and after visiting the show, in the classroom or at home.

The activities within the pack can be adapted to suit each pupil or child’s age and ability. They are a creative introduction to many aspects of theatre — from drama and music, to art and design — involving improvisation, imagination, and storytelling.

English language activity pack: click here
Welsh language activity pack: click here


Show Times

Saturday 5 December English 1.30pm
Monday 7 December English 11am
Monday 7 December English 1.30pm
Tuesday 8 December English 11am
Tuesday 8 December English 1.30pm
Wedneday 9 December English 11am
Wednesday 9 December Welsh 1.30pm
Thursday 10 December Welsh 11am
Thursday 10 December English 1.30pm
Friday 11 December English 11am
Friday 11 December English 1.30pm
Saturday 12 December Welsh 11am
Saturday 12 December English 1.30pm
Monday 14 December English 11am
Monday 14 December English 1.30pm
Tuesday 15 December English 11am
Tuesday 15 December Welsh 1.30pm
Wednesday 16 December Welsh 11am
Wednesday 16 December English 1.30pm
Thursday 17 December English 11am
Thursday 17 December Welsh 1.30pm
Friday 18 December English 11am
Friday 18 December English 1.30pm
Saturday 19 December (BSL Performance) English 11am
Saturday 19 December English 1.30pm
Monday 21 December (Relaxed Performance) English 11am
Monday 21 December English 1.30pm
Tuesday 22 December English 11am
Tuesday 22 December Welsh 1.30pm
Wednesday 23 December English 11am
Wednesday 23 December English 1.30pm
Wednesday 23 December English 4pm
Thursday 24 December Welsh 11am
Thursday 24 December English 1.30pm
Tuesday 29 December English 11am
Tuesday 29 December English 1.30pm
Wednesday 30 December English 11am
Wednesday 30 December (Relaxed Performance) English 1.30pm
Wednesday 30 December English 4pm
Thursday 31 December Welsh 11am
Thursday 31 December English 1.30pm (Sold out)
Saturday 2 January English 11am (Sold out)
Saturday 2 January English 1.30pm (Sold out)


''Hans Christian Andersen’s age old fairy story received a gentle and enchanting musical reworking" **** Wales Online

Cast & Team


Gethin Alderman as the Prince

Ceri Elen as the Princess

Jenny Livsey as the Queen


By Hans Christian Andersen

Adaptation by Katherine Chandler

Director Kevin Lewis

Translator Ceri Elen

Designer Charlotte Neville

Musical Director Dan Lawrence

Lighting Designer Rachel Mortimer

Assistant Director Tamar Eluned Williams

Creative Consultant Sarah Argent

Movement Director Jem Treays

Stage Manager Brenda Knight

Wardrobe Manager Deryn Tudor


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