Sherman Theatre

The Elves and the Shoemaker - RESCHEDULED

Elves and the Shoemaker


5 & 6 Nov 2021 (Previews)
29 Nov - 31 Dec 2021


Schools £6.50

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Performed in English. Please see Y Coblynnod a'r Crydd for Welsh performances.

Ages 3 - 6

By Katherine Chandler

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Show Information

Performances being re-scheduled to 2021. We will be in contact with ticketholders once the new dates are confirmed.




Clara the shoemaker is hungry and cold. No one wants to buy her shoes. One morning to her surprise she finds someone has mysteriously made a pair of the snazziest footwear overnight. Shoes that will sell like hot cakes. Clara’s luck is about to change. Who does she need to thank for this wonderful turn of events?

Katherine Chandler’s The Elves and the Shoemaker is the perfect way to introduce little ones to the magic of theatre.

Show Times

5 Nov 1.30pm Preview
6 Nov 11.00am Preview
29 Nov 11.00am  
29 Nov 1.30pm  
30 Nov 11.00am  
30 Nov 1.30pm  
1 Dec 11.00am  
2 Dec 1.30pm  
3 Dec 11.00am  
3 Dec 1.30pm  
4 Dec 1.30pm  
6 Dec 11.00am  
6 Dec 1.30pm  
7 Dec 1.30pm  
8 Dec 11.00am  
9 Dec 1.30pm  
10 Dec 11.00am  
10 Dec 1.30pm  
11 Dec 11.00am  BSL
11 Dec 1.30pm  Relaxed
13 Dec 11.00am  
14 Dec 11.00am  
14 Dec 1.30pm  
15 Dec 11.00am  
16 Dec 11.00am  
16 Dec 1.30pm  
17 Dec 11.00am  
18 Dec 1.30pm  
20 Dec 1.30pm  
21 Dec 11.00am  
22 Dec 1.30pm  
23 Dec 11.00am  
24 Dec 11.00am  
24 Dec 1.30pm  
28 Dec 11.00am  
29 Dec 11.00am  
30 Dec 11.00am  
30 Dec 1.30pm  
31 Dec 11.00am  
31 Dec 1.30pm  


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Cast & Team

By Katherine Chandler

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