Sherman Cymru

Corina Pavlova and the Lion's Roar



8 & 9 November
9 December - 4 January



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Ages 3-6
BSL: 21 December 11.00am
Relaxed Performaces:
Saturday 28 December 1.30pm
Thursday 2 Janurary 11am

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Show Information

Mr McAlistair's Pet Shop is unique, it is the only Pet Shop in the world where the pet chooses you!

So when Mr McAlistair promises Corina Pavlova the perfect pet in time for Christmas, Corina can’t wait to find out what it might be. A kitten? A snake? A zebra, perhaps?

Join Corina for an exciting adventure filled with animals of all shapes and sizes in a festive treat for all the family, full of singing, dancing and roaring!

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Ages 3-6

Production also performed in Welsh - View times and dates


Show Times

Production also performed in Welsh - View times and dates


Corina Pavlova and the Lion's Roar - Theatre 2  
Friday 8 November 1.30pm
Saturday 9 November 1.30pm
Monday 9 December 11.00am | 1.30pm
Tuesday 10 December 11.00am | 1.30pm
Wednesday 11 December 11.00am
Thursday 12 December 1.30pm
Friday 13 December 11.00am | 1.30pm
Saturday 14 December 1.30pm
Monday 16 December 11.00am | 1.30pm
Tuesday 17 December 11.00am
Wednesday 18 December 1.30pm
Thursday 19 December 11.00am
Friday 20 December 11.00am | 1.30pm
Saturday 21 December 11.00am | 1.30pm
Monday 23 December 11.00am | 1.30pm
Tuesday 24 December 1.30pm
Friday 27 December 11.00am
Saturday 28 December 11.00am | 1.30pm
Monday 30 December

11.00am | 1.30pm

Tuesday 31 December 11.00am
Thursday 2 January 11.00am | 1.30pm
Friday 3 January 11.00am | 1.30pm
Saturday 4 January 11.00am




'a magical, traditional-style show for young children and the perfect introduction to theatre.'
**** Karen Price - Wales Online

"A Christmas theatre treat for toddlers" 
Johnson Babies Family Blogger

"This was children's theatre at its best: bold, inspiring, engaging and vibrant, and where the young audience was clearly not just tolerated, but valued."
Julie O'Donnell - Cafe Junior

“As we drove home two little voices came from the back seat - "what show are we going to see next mum?". Mother Distracted Family Blogger


Cast & Team

By: Elen Caldecott

Director: Mared Swain

Designer: Charlotte Neville

Translation by: Branwen Davies

Composer and Musical Director: Dyfan Jones

Lighting Designer: Katy Morison

Cast: Bethan Mai, Caitlin Richards, Alun Saunders


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