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15 Gor 2016

Ym mis Mawrth, lansiodd y Sherman Raglen Dramodwyr Cymreig Newydd i ddod o hyd i'r gorau o ysgrifennu newydd gan artistiaid Cymraeg neu sydd yn byw yng Nghymru. Ar ol dderbyn llawer o geisiadau dewiswyd 14 o sgriptiau i fod yn rhan o'r rhaglen. Ar hyn o bryd mae'r 14 o ddramodwyr yn cymryd rhan mewn sesiynau wythnosol er mwyn datblygu eu sgiliau ysgrifennu ar gyfer y theatr, dan arweiniad Brad Birch (Royal Court, Sherman Cymru, Soho Theatre). Bydd y dramodwyr yn rhannu eu meddyliau am y broses. Yma, mae Catrin Lowe yn disgrifio'r broses.

We are coming to the end of our series of sessions led by Brad Birch, who has been brilliant at stretching our abilities, giving advice and taking us out of our comfort zones in the most good-humoured of ways. The programme has neatly coincided with the most dramatic few weeks in politics any of us are likely to see in our lifetimes (as well as a blinding turn from FA Wales), so that each time we come together, it feels a little as though our brains are snow globes that have just been given a vigorous shake. Shutting out all that external hubbub to focus on sharpening our playwriting tools has proved therapeutic and has put our inevitable reflections to good use.

As part of our session this week, Brad set us a musical exercise. He played Mogwai’s Weak Force and LA Woman by The Doors and asked us to write in rhythm to the music, feeling its ebbs and flows and echoing the pauses, crescendos and hooks (I found the ballsy swagger of LA Woman particularly fun to respond to). He also played us a section from Basinki’s The Disintegration Loops and encouraged us to close our eyes and immerse ourselves in it as we thought about the lead character in our own piece of work. This way of using music as a driving force for writing is one that I found really effective and liberating. It puts an emphasis on the more intuitive, emotional side of crafting a piece of work. You plunge a little deeper into your unconscious and unearth curiosities that you had no idea were lurking there.

Being a part of the programme has been massively enjoyable and really inspiring. Everyone has been so warm and supportive of one another.

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