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06 Oct 2020

Our Heart of Cardiff series is entirely audio based. The audio theatre experiences will capture your imagination and take you on an adventure across Cardiff, meeting extraordinary people along the way.

First up in the series is Mr Carlos De Pass, by Kyle Lima. So Butetown residents – past and present – we’re here to celebrate your community memories, stories, and photos.

Where are we?

Mr Carlos De Pass by Kyle Lima takes place in the garden of a terraced house in Butetown. Carlos has lived there for almost all his adult life, so remembers how the community grew. He can wax lyrical about the area also known as Tiger Bay or the Docks for hours; its blend of cultures and peoples. This is his community. But what memories could you add to his story?

Do you have any photos from your life in Butetown that you’d like to share far and wide? Was there an event that was particularly important to you or a location that will always remind you of a special story? Maybe it’s where you met your first love or the street corner where you used to play with friends? These could be from anytime today, last year or decades ago.

If you’re interested, we would love for you to send us your memories, photos, stories, anecdotes, and more. We’re creating a digital Butetown memory board to sit alongside the audio drama Mr Carlos De Pass, and we can’t wait to display and celebrate what Butetown means to you. While providing a space to champion Butetown memories, this will help anyone who doesn’t know the area as well as you do to paint a picture of where they are when listening to Kyle’s play.

Who is Mr Carlos De Pass?

In Kyle’s play, he describes the moment we meet Carlos De Pass: “….a Jamaican man around 100 years old, yet still full of vigour, is sat in the back garden of his humble council estate home, painting a picture and quietly singing to himself.”

Based on audio tapes with the real-life veteran Mr De Pass, originally collected as part of a Tiger Bay culture and heritage piece for the Black Film & Video Workshop Wales Group in the early 90s, the audio drama is inspired by a true story. Kyle Lima said: “My piece is inspired by real events and is in honour of Mr Carlos De Pass’s service and sacrifice in WWII as well as all Black servicemen of that time.”

What does Carlos’s garden look like? Could you draw, paint, create a collage or Pinterest board of it for us? We’d really like to see what you think he grows in his garden and what features it has. What colours, sounds and smells does he surround himself with? What inspirations does he have for his painting? Does he have a greenhouse or perhaps a shed? Is that a pond just beyond the vegetable patch, who knows?

Perhaps you could consider plants and flowers that provoke memories for him. Was there a particular flower his wife liked? Is there something that reminds him of his childhood?

What is the soundtrack to Carlos’ life?

Whilst you’re flicking through your own Butetown photos or reflecting on your own memories, you might also want to check out some music that inspired Kyle’s writing of Mr Carlos De Pass: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/56jTGb4hQY4FTbnbEDY1bn.

Do you have some suggestions to add to this playlist? We’d love to hear what musical memories you have of Butetown.

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Mr Carlos De Pass
C/O Sherman Theatre
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