The Princess and the Pea goes on tour!

23 Oct 2015

The Sherman Theatre's The Princess and the Pea, is going on tour! Bringing the joy of Christmas at the Sherman to children and families across South Wales.

In a magical Kingdom far, far away lived a Prince. A Prince whose one true wish was to marry a Princess. One night, in the flash and crash of lightning, in the howl and whine of the wind there was a knock at the castle door and a girl was blown in... but surely she couldn't be a Princess?

There was only way to find out... FETCH THE ROYAL PEA and hide it under the mattress! Only a real Princess would be able to feel such a tiny thing hiding there!

Join Sherman Cymru and Theatr Iolo this Christmas for a deliciously mischievous re-telling of one of Hans Christian Andersen's classic fairy tales. Filled with laughter, music and a big sprinkling of magic, this story is perfect for 3 to 6 year olds and their families. To find out more, visit the tour page.



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