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Free Folk



17 & 18 October


Concessions: £2 off
Under 25s: Half price

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Running time: 2h (15m interval)
Post-show talk: 18 October (with writer)
Ages 12+

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Karen wants to get home before dark. Tim wants to settle down with Hannah - but Hannah wants to see the world. Pearl wants to be left independent in the house where she was born.

And Shaun - if we're lucky, Shaun is a loveable rogue, wanting to make a few extra quid with a bit of mischief. But if we’re unlucky...

Gary Owen's Free Folk throws five strangers together on a dark, stormy night in the forest. Who will be left come the morning?

Chose to Leave, Chose to Stay, Had to Leave, Had to Stay


Show Times

Free Folk - Theatre 2  
Thursday 17 October 8.00pm
Friday 18 October 8.00pm


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Cast & Team

Writer: Gary Owen

Director: Kirstie Davis

Designer: David Haworth

Musical Director: Rebecca Applin

Filmmaker:Kavi Ilze Briede

Cast: Melody Brown, Charlotte Croft, Lee Rufford, Maggie Tagney, Tim Treslove


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