Dance Touring Partnership presents: Blanca Li Dance Company

Elektro Kif




24 - 25 February


£15 - £22

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Show Information

Elektro Kif

Dancer, film director and choreographer Blanca Li takes the urban street-dance style electro, a dazzling mix of breaking, disco, vogue, popping and locking straight off the streets of Paris and mixes it up with some theatre and an amazing soundtrack to give you Elektro Kif.

It’s a show about hopes and fears, friendships, fights and rivalries with an all-male cast of eight exceptional young electro dancers. Funny, fast, colourful and anarchic, it also features a specially composed soundtrack which mixes techno, electro house, afrobeat, sampling and classical music. Totally exhilarating.


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Blanca Li Dance Company: Elektro Kif


Show Times


Elektro Kif: Theatre 1

Friday 24 February 7.45pm
Saturday 25 February 7.45pm



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Cast & Team

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